Social Service Insurance Opelousas, LA

Social Services Insurance in Louisiana

If you own or operate a social service, thank you! You’re running a business that aims to improve the lives of those in your community and the welfare of others. Social services range from educational facilities to food subsidy, healthcare, job training and so many more. Your business thrives on improving the wellness of those around you.

Simply because you aim to help others doesn’t dismiss you from liability of running your business. All business, regardless of profession can be found liable for claims against them. Let Dupre Carrier Godchaux Agency, Inc. in Louisiana help you find an insurance policy that protects you.

Our agency provides specialized coverages specific to your social services business.

Coverages available can include:

Our knowledge gives us a unique ability to help protect the business you’ve built with an insurance policy specific to your industry. Social Services insurance from us can ensure you’re properly protected and can focus on running your business and continue helping those in need.