Long Term Care, Opelousas, LA

Long Term Care Insurance in Louisiana

Protecting Your Financial Future with Long Term Care Insurance Options.

Long-Term Care has been defined as “medically necessary assistance, recommended by a physician for the treatment of a chronic illness or debilitating injury on a long term basis. Recovery is usually not expected. Care is oriented toward helping a person function, not toward a cure.”

Long-term care is typically not covered by your health plan, disability coverage or Medicare. Medicaid does cover long-term care, but only after you have used up your assets paying for care.

This is the time to talk with family and consider the following questions:

  • Where you would like to receive care (in your home, in a facility)?
  • If you would prefer to receive care in your home, who would provide the care?
  • How much care could you need?
  • How will you pay for care?
  • Should  you consider Long Term Care insurance?

Regardless of whether you’re looking to protect yourself or shelter your children and grandchildren from the finanical burden of long term care, Long Term Care Insurance is certainly worth a look at.