Excavation Contractor Insurance, Opelousas, LA

If you run a business as an excavation contractor in Louisiana, you need an insurance policy that covers your business of moving the earth. Excavation contractors have unique risks that only a policy geared towards your business can protect. In fact, many insurance companies do not write excavation contractors, so you’re in good hands now. Our agency in Louisiana works with several companies that will insure your business.

You understand the risks associated with excavation such as damaging underground utilities as well as the danger of operating the heavy equipment itself. Not to mention the job that you do may result in water run-off, settling and sliding.

There are many coverage options available for you such as general liability insurance, workers compensation, commercial auto and umbrella coverage. Talk to a licensed agent in our office about your excavation contractor insurance needs and see why so many people trust us with their business insurance. Our licensed staff will walk you through your options to ensure you and your business stay protected from financial loss. Contact us today!